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Webd, a 90kB web file server.

Webd is a free, self-hosted web-based file storage platform that’s incredibly lightweight

Why I Created Webd: A Simple, Lightweight Solution for Storage Needs

In today's digital age, cloud storage has become an essential service for individuals and businesses alike. However, as I navigated through various public cloud storage solutions, I realized that many of them come with significant drawbacks. The existing platforms are often bloated with unnecessary features, cumbersome registration processes, and privacy concerns due to third-party hosting. This led me to create WebD, a simple, lightweight, and self-hosted file storage solution.

Embed the resource files into the executable program.

Embedding resource files into the executable program ensures that all necessary resources are included, simplifying distribution and preventing issues with missing files. It also enhances security by making it harder to modify or tamper with the resources.

Simple C Project: A Practical Example about Makefile.

Creating a well-structured C project can greatly enhance code maintainability, readability, and reusability. This blog post will guide you through a practical example of a C project with a complete directory structure, including a functional Makefile.