Webd | A lightweight and portable web-based file sharing server software.

What ChatGPT said about webd:

Looking for a simple, secure, and efficient cloud storage solution? Check out Webd! Webd is a free, self-hosted web-based file storage platform that’s incredibly lightweight—less than 90KB! Host it on your own server for complete control over your data. With its user-friendly interface, no registration requirement, and secure sharing options, Webd makes file management a breeze. Easily upload, organize, and share files with unique links. Perfect for individuals and small businesses who prioritize privacy and ease of use. Visit Webd to get started!

Quick Start:

  1. Download the latest webd packages for specific OS.
  2. Unzip/Untar it.
  3. Run in command line:

    ./webd -w /home/user/share -u rlum:user:pass
    webd.exe -w D:\sharedata -u rlum:user:pass
    The folder /home/user/share or D:\sharedata will be published/shared on web.
    Then open in browser on the same computer to check if it work.
    On other devices just open a URL like to use webd.
    Note: The "" must be changed to the actual IP address of machine that running webd.
    Without login, webd only allows the "listing" and "accessing" permissions by default setting.
    After login with "user" and "pass", webd will give extra permissions: uploading, renaming/moving, creating new folder.
    "user" and "pass" should be changed to other values for safety.

  4. Use Ctrl + C in command line window to stop webd.